General Information

APPS Para Medical Services Minnesota is part of a national organization specializing in mobile medical examinations for the insurance industry.

To perform medical exams for an insurance company, that insurance company must officially approve APPS as a service provider. APPS is proudly approved for approximately 900 companies.

APPS Minnesota was started in 1980 by an insurance agent and his wife, a medical technician. They developed the business very respectfully over the ensuing years until they reached retirement in 1991. APPS Minnesota was then sold to an individual with a strong general management background. During the next ten years, business volume increased 300%. APPS Minnesota's performance and strong commitment to customer service speaks for itself.

APPS Minnesota performs paramedical examinations throughout Minnesota with 85+ trained examiners working as independent contractors. Approximately 20 of these examiners are assigned to the greater metro area. In the metro area we also have mobile MD's and relationships with several clinics to support our customer's needs beyond conventional paramedical services.

Insurance company representatives and examiners are supported by our outstanding team of Customer Service Representatives (CSR) at our Minnesota Regional Office located in Plymouth, Minnesota. These individuals are responsible for processing exam orders and monitoring them through completion. Orders can be placed via telephone, fax, e-mail, or at our website – to order an exam click here.

When an examiner receives an exam order, he/she is responsible for contacting the client for scheduling purposes within 24 hours. An examiner's goal is to have the examination scheduled and completed as quickly as possible with full consideration of the client's personal schedule. Automatic email notifications advise the agent when the exam is scheduled, completed or should any difficulties arise. A CSR will also contact the agent if there are any delays in scheduling the client for their exam.

Exam requirements are determined by the insurance company and take into consideration the age of the applicant, amount of insurance and applicant's medical history. A fairly common exam in the Industry consists of a "Basic Paramed", urine, and blood collections. The "Basic Paramed" requires a medical history, height and weight measurement, blood pressure and pulse readings. In addition, a resting EKG may be required. Again, all requirements are performed by APPS MN examiners based on the insurance company's specifications.

Upon exam completion, the examiner submits documentation to either the lab, the agent or to the APPS Regional Office as required by the insurance company. Specimens are sent overnight express to the insurance company's designated lab for analysis. All completed exam forms received at the APPS Regional Office are subject to a quality review process prior to being sent to the insurance company and /or other designated recipients.

APPS Minnesota, along with the APPS corporate headquarters, constantly strives to maintain and enhance the high quality of our service for our clients. We are continuously working with insurance companies to apply new technology to further streamline and expedite the examination process. APPS Minnesota is committed to doing what it takes to respond to and satisfy our customers' needs – now and in the future!

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