Available Services

Our regional office, located in Plymouth, Minnesota, has more than eighty-five professionally trained medical examiners state wide. They perform a variety of services to meet the needs of insurance companies and their agents. APPS is willing to go the extra mile to go out to the homes or offices of your clients and make them feel comfortable about any tests that need to be performed or questions that need to be answered. Our examiners are trained and experienced in the following areas:

Blood Pressure - Taken in a relaxed environment while the client is at rest.
Pulse - Also taken while at rest
Height and Weight - Measure height and weight while the patient is fully clothed.
Measurements - For male patients only, we measure the chest upon full inspiration and full expiration and we measure the waist at the umbilicus.

The examiner will ask the client a few brief questions pertaining to their past medical treatments, the reasons for their visits to the doctor, the diagnosis and the result of their visits. The examiner will also get a list of the names and addresses of the clients doctors.

Nearly all examinations require a urine specimen. Please prepare your client and ask him/her to drink a glass of water approximately one hour prior to the arrival of the examiner.

Some insurance companies require an oral fluid collection completed by swabbing the inside of the mouth.

Taken only if required, a blood profile is done with sterile, disposable needles and is done one of two ways:
Dried Blood Spot - A prick of the finger will provide a small sample of blood.
Venipuncture - This method of blood draw is taken from the arm. Once the blood is taken, it is centrifuged and sent to a lab designated by the insurance company. The results will be sent directly to the underwriting department of the insurance company.

An electrocardiogram, or EKG test, records of the changes in electrical impulses generated by the heart. Electrodes are attached to the clients chest, upper arms, and lower legs while the client is at rest and lying on his/her back. In some cases a stress EKG test will need to be performed where the client will be asked to visit a local clinic and get on a treadmill. APPS will take care of scheduling the appointment for your client.

Due to age and/or amount of insurance, a client is sometimes required to be seen by a physician. At APPS MN we have mobile doctors to cover the greater Twin City area and are staffed to set up appointments at clinics outside the Twin Cities.

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